Nokia4U: the web community of sales people

Salespeople play a key role in the final stage of the buying process. With this in mind, in 2008, Nokia espressed the need to strenghten the link between the retailer store staff and the brand, building a more direct relationship with sales people and improving their knowledge about the product, in order to increase recommendation rate and sell out 

Praesidium satisfied this with successful marketing initiative. Nokia4U is a web community dedicated to Nokia, updated with product news, market trends, games and engaging challenges, that includes an incentive system to reward training. Since 2008 it has grouped over 6.000 users, becoming a real point of reference for the retailer store staff, and a benchmark for competitors in this sector. 

Nokia4U is a direct channel with the Nokia brand that translates into brand loyalty, bringing with it tangible results.

A fully social experience, that strenghten brand loyalty. 

Training, information, incentives and interaction
: these are the key pillars of a successful community, that every year innovates its visual image opens up to new categories of users, providing even richer contents, designed for the needs of different targets.


Digital technologies have fundamentally transformed the way consumers obtain information, make purchases and share...

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