Intelligent eCommerce insight has the power to reshape and leverage your sales and marketing initiatives

We’ve partnered with E Fundamentals - one of the world’s leading eCommerce analytics platform - to bring clients the most sought out proposition that delivers a competitive advantage.

E Fundamentals is a British-built, e-commerce analytics platform that helps clients grow their revenues and profits through online retailers.
With their 8 fundamental steps, the E Fundamentals' service effectively upskills sales and marketing professionals to drive profitable growth in the eCommerce channel. 

The 8 Fundamentals 

The 8 Fundamentals is a unique e-sales framework that tightly monitors  products’ performance in online retail channels. The model is designed to guide brand owners to effectively optimise and scale up their whole eCommerce cycle.


The platform is currently used by some of the most renowned brands in the eCommerce sphere such as Birds Eye, Edgewell, Nestle Purina and JDE. Biscuit and confectionary giants, Pladis (formerly known as United Biscuits), reported up to 37% growth across their products in the first six months upon implementing the E Fundamentals platform.
To learn more and find out how the analytics insight can benefit you, visit or get in contact with Praesidium now. 

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