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RT @Experience_Wave: As #Microsoft #surface training comes to an end, our guys are confident they can bring #helpful #informative experienc…
05/05/2018 19:11:46
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Tech's Now a Top Concern for Grocers – Here's Where They're Investing in It: Annual Report
03/05/2018 18:18:07
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RT @OmniShopperLab: Connecting the Dots on the Customer Journey We focus on the next generation of retail. We are built to help brands gene…
10/05/2018 21:07:16
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Weekly Store Openings and Closures Tracker 2018 #18: GNC to Close 200 Stores, Asda to Merge with Sainsbury’s…
07/05/2018 08:30:57
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RT @e_fundamentals: The all-new #EFundamentals #eCommerce insight service is here! Take the tour with Emma now! >>>…
19/05/2018 12:45:17
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RT @RetailAssist: ‘Start with the customer and work backwards’ A key method, used by the @Amazon platform, of making the #cx as smooth as i…
05/05/2018 10:25:11
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How Home Depot has remained 'Amazon-proof' - Digiday
30/04/2018 12:45:22
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The changing face of retail: top trends and challenges
02/05/2018 12:45:41
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RT @PraesidiumLabs: We will Rock your Brand. When the noise in the market gets louder… stand out from the crowd! At Praesidium we think in…
14/05/2018 08:25:18
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RT @e_fundamentals: A great deal of #eCommerce can be unprofitable and struggle from significant diseconomies of scale. The right tools can…
19/05/2018 12:44:55

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