We help your brand shine at the store.
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We work behind the scenes to ensure that your brand and products are present in retail. To sell you need to be there.
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Sales Representatives

Your external sales team: sell-in-oriented people, managed by an account, who cultivate the relationship between your brand and the retail buyers, ensuring the on-shelf availability of any product the shopper is looking for.

Brand Ambassador

Your spokes people at the point of sale. To never lose control of stocks and product rotation, to engage, motivate and train the store staff. 

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We ensure that your products are noticed, recognized and taken into consideration during the shopping trip.
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Category Management

Solutions to enhance and effectively manage the shelf and make it a valuable element of the store experience.


Are you sure that your product is available and visible on the shelf, ready to be sold? Our team ensures the timely verification of the stock, the layout compliance of the exhibition areas, and the data collection essential for the products management at the POS. 

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We create visual journeys at the point of sale to intrigue, communicate the product features and create a memorable experience. 
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We dress up and set up the brand space at the POS: from the entrance until the shelf or the promotional area, we guide the shopper's visual journey up to the check-out.

POP Materials

Thanks to our extensive channel experience, we know how to design and produce the most effective communication supports to attract the attention of the shopper and convey brand and product content that enrich the in-store experience.

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We believe in the value of the direct and personal relationship as an effective tool to connect brands and shoppers at the retail.
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At the heart of the relationship with your target. Expertise and passion are the fundamental characteristics that allow our team to become the face and voice of your brand and products, engaging  the shopper in a memorable experience that boosts purchase intention, transactions, loyalty, and create value for your business.

Interaction Design

Our experts and tools are at your disposal to help your internal team create an engaging shopping experience and achieve your specific business goals. We design the interaction with the shopper in its entirety: we suggest times and attitude, words and contents of the verbal exchange to better sell, inform and engage your target.

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The final destination of every shopping journey: when the product is purchased and our daily experience with it starts. 
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Amaze, excite, create memorable below-the-line experiences.
Our promotional solutions are able to attract shoppers, encourage them to buy, generate loyalty and increase advocacy, recommendation rate and transactions.


Our integrated marketing solution to manage your digital contests. We offer a complete range of technical and management tools for online giveaways, rush and win, contests and lotteries. Achieve your business objective and manage your promotional activities through social media and mobile.